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The blood pressure roller coaster has left the station...

I have always had problems with my blood pressure but recently (for about the last month and a half or so) it seems to be all over the place. My neurologist tries to keep it a little above normal because I only have one vertebral artery leading to my brain (for those of you who have not been following my blog for awhile my stroke was caused by a torn vertebral artery in my chest). Normally it stays 130 - 135 over 80 - 85. Beginning in early November I started have elevated readings; but, they were not consistent. One day it would be really high, then it would be pretty low (for me) and then it would be normal. My neurologist asked me to start taking my BP every day (I had been taking it just Monday and Thursday). I take it at the same time every day (right about 6:15 a.m.) so I know I am not doing anything that might cause a rise. Here is a small sampling: 11/7: 146/98, 11/8: 135/92, 11/9: 124/92, 11/10: 134/90, 11/11: 122/86, 11/12: 145/98, 11/13: 129/89. Then it came down pretty regularly for awhile only to start up again. 11/17: 135/97, 11/18: 149/99, 11/19: 125/78, 11/20: 123/82, 11/21: 126/80, 11/22: 130/76, 11/23: 128/82. I don't know what causes the rise and fall of the BP but my neurologist seems a little concerned. Anybody have any thoughts about it? Maybe this is normal; I don't know. I don't want to be like "the boy who cried wolf", but I also don't want to overlook a potential problem.


  1. Your blood pressure is basically lower than mine but mine is staying pretty consistent with medication so my doc is saying that blood pressure is a range and I probably will always tend to the higher end.

    I am sure you already know all the main tricks for working on your blood pressure --- and you should do them and then rest assured that you are doing all you can and try to let go of the worry. Worry without action is just not productive. Work with your regualr doctor and ask him how concerned you should be about that fluctuation.

    Healthy meals, low sodium, take your medications and see your dr as recommended, gentle exercise, minimize stress, try meditation/ biofeedback.

    Is anything different in your life since your blood pressure went up? Even simple lifestyle things like getting or loosing a pet can have a major impact on how we are doing.

    I wish you good health and a peaceful holiday season and new year.

  2. I wish u have good health and keep on laughing from the following one liner jokes...


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