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Showing posts from May, 2011

I've got the proof copy of my book...

I must say that it looks great. I will have some people look over it to make sure that there are no corrections that need to be made, but, assuming that everything is okay, it should only take a few weeks to get the final product. This is a very exciting time for me. Again, if you are interested in buying a copy, please let me know.

An interesting conversation with my publisher...

As I near the end of the process for publishing my book, "Living the Life of a Miracle", Hannah Crawford, my editor, asked a very good question: Do I just want to do word of mouth advertising or do I want to hire a publicist that will arrange book signings, speaking engagements, etc. for me. If I hire a publicist, does that not carry with the connotation that I am willing to do more than just "dabble around" with speaking engagements and book signings? I guess what I am asking, then, is for those of you what have followed my blog for a long time to give me some input: should I hire a publicist or be content with word of mouth advertising? I am truly interested to know your thoughts.