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Some interesting pictures...

I have found some interesting pictures...I have a copy of the scans from after my surgery. The first picture will be of a healthy cerebellum; the second will be a picture of my cerebellum. The areas that are white show areas that have been removed. The third picture will be of a healthy brain stem; the fourth will be my brain stem. The larger and smaller white spots are areas that show the stroke in the stem. As I have said before, the neuro-surgeon told my family that, normally, when the brain swells to the point that the brain stem is compressed resulting in ONE brain stem stroke, you normally do not recover; however, when there are TWO strokes, and the bigger one is quite large, there was no hope given for any significant recovery.

I finally finished my book...

I signed the contract for my new book, "Living the Life of a Miracle"; it should be done by early to mid June. I am quite excited to get things done. It will be available in bookstores or directly from me for $15 ($12 for the book and $3 for shipping and handling). Please note your name, address and number of copies. Please make the checks payable to New Covenant Church and mail the payments to "Living the Life of a Miracle - 1510 West Madison - Knoxville, IA 50138". Always remember - Life is a gift!

2 years after my stroke.wmv