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The blood pressure roller coaster has left the station...

I have always had problems with my blood pressure but recently (for about the last month and a half or so) it seems to be all over the place. My neurologist tries to keep it a little above normal because I only have one vertebral artery leading to my brain (for those of you who have not been following my blog for awhile my stroke was caused by a torn vertebral artery in my chest). Normally it stays 130 - 135 over 80 - 85. Beginning in early November I started have elevated readings; but, they were not consistent. One day it would be really high, then it would be pretty low (for me) and then it would be normal. My neurologist asked me to start taking my BP every day (I had been taking it just Monday and Thursday). I take it at the same time every day (right about 6:15 a.m.) so I know I am not doing anything that might cause a rise. Here is a small sampling: 11/7: 146/98, 11/8: 135/92, 11/9: 124/92, 11/10: 134/90, 11/11: 122/86, 11/12: 145/98, 11/13: 129/89. Then it came down pretty regu