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I wanted to share something...

My nephew wrote this in response to a Bill Maher show. I thought it was very insightful. He is 20 years old, and I did not know how much he knew about my situation (because he lives 800 miles away.) "I just got done watching a special that Bill Mahr (or however you spell his last name, personally I don't really care) had on HBO. It got me so worked up, because he was basically saying that the bible was just a story, and Jesus Christ was just a man with a smart mouth, that was it. He said that God didn't exist, and that the whole story is just stupid. I'm sayin to myself, "Well, obviously you haven't had the chance to witness what God can really do. I mean, if you just look at some of the everyday miracles that happen, you can witness God's awesome power. But if you have somehow, by some unforeseen chance, not gotten a chance to see just a glimpse of God's power, let me just tell you about a person I know very deeply. His name is James Mead, and he is m