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I got some interesting information, but I wonder about it...

I went back to my neurologist earlier this week; the neurologist that had been with me since my stroke left to take another position at the same hospital so I now have a new neurologist. Needles to say I was a little unsure about going to a new neurologist. I know, I know, I should not think that Dr. Benjamin walks on water but it is hard not to think that; without her I would be dead! But, I digress. This new neurologist told me some things that I had never heard before. First, I had always been under the impression that I cannot take any NSAID pain relievers because I am on an aspirin regimen. But, he told me that an occasional Motrin or Aleve is not bad; I should not become dependent upon them (that is, I should not take them daily, just periodically) but 1 every now and then is not going to hurt. The second thing he told me that made me go hmmmmmm was when he told me that all of my headaches (I get periodic terrible headaches in the back of my head. Those of you who have followed m

Wow...I did not realize it has been so long...

I just looked today and was amazed that it has been over a year since I posted anything. On the surface that would indicate that everything has been great; but, the reality is that I have just been insanely busy. I know I mentioned that my dad passed away earlier last year (February 27, 2012), but after that things just got worse. My brother had triple bypass surgery in April, my mom was hospitalized in May with shingles, my Aunt Anne passed away in June, my Uncle John passed away in early September, my Uncle Jerry passed away in late October and then my mom passed away December 23! Needless to day, 2012 SUCKED. For 2013 my brother, Dave, really hit it on the head. He said that it would not be possible for 2013 to suck as bad as 2012. So far he is right. Thanks, Dave. I am getting ready to re-publish my book through Tate publishing. The first time I published Living the Life of a Miracle I used a local, self-publisher The Write Place. They were wonderful to work with but they did not